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Our skilled optical team at Nilsen Eye Care is dedicated to providing one-on-one guidance in choosing eyewear that suits your style and meets your visual needs. Our team offers valuable insights, ensuring you feel confident in decisions based on the doctor’s recommendations. Recognizing the significance of both vision and appearance in daily life, our opticians assist you in selecting glasses, providing essential insights for confident decision-making. With a diverse range of brands and styles, we aim to offer the best selection of frames. Nilsen Eye Care proudly features digitally made Essilor lenses and top-notch non-glare options from Crizal, along with additional features like polarization, transitions, and custom lenses. 

Eye Glasses

Perks of Shopping With Us

Personal Shopping

One of our experienced optical team members will guide you through recommendations while honing in on a style and fit.

Essilor Lenses

Nilsen Eye Care sources lenses from one of the highest-quality brands, Essilor. All lenses have a 1 time replacement warranty for scratches within 1 year.

Full Customization

We design custom lens and frame combinations for your preferences. From specialized tints for your golf game to light-weight frames, we've got it all!

Emergency Eyewear

Many single vision glasses can be made the same day in-house or within 24 hours if you are in immediate need.

Brands We Carry

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Same-Day Glasses

We are able to make single vision glasses in-house by the next day, or sooner in the event of an emergency at our North Courthouse Road office. These polycarbonate, non-glare glasses are great as backup for contact lens-wearing patients or frame-wearing patients who break their glasses and don’t use contact lenses. Same-day glasses are single vision glasses only. We unfortunately cannot accommodate multifocal or bifocal prescriptions at this time. 

Eye Glasses

Types of Glasses

Eye Glasses

Everyday Glasses

It’s important that the eye glasses you’re using daily fit your needs as well as your style. That’s why Nilsen Eye Care not only carries a wide variety of frames, but offers additional features such as transition lenses, polarization, or gradient tints and blue light filtering lenses.

Eye Glasses

Infant Glasses & Goggles

We carry eyewear options for even the smallest of patients! The brands and styles kept in stock are durable, comfortable, and stylish. Our infant and children’s frames are made of lightweight materials, and the lenses are impact resistant.

Eye Glasses

Sports Goggles

Your everyday glasses aren’t going to hold up to the hazards found on the field, ice, or court. Sports goggles are specially designed to withstand anything you throw at them—quite literally! Check out our selection of sports goggles for both adults and children. 

Eye Glasses

Safety Eyewear

Protecting your eyes is one of the most important investments you can make. Safety goggles are great choices regardless of if you need prescription lenses in them or not. Eyewear like this offers the wearer comfortable, reliable protection from hazardous materials and flying debris. 


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On top of providing superb care every time you visit, we also offer same-day appointments, extended hours, and hassle-free intake for your visits.