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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need An Eye Exam?

Everyone should have an annual eye exam. Not only is it a chance to check your vision and update your prescription, but a comprehensive medical eye exam also tracks your general health by screening for issues ranging from glaucoma and cataracts to diabetes and high blood pressure. Like any good preventive care regimen, an eye exam establishes a baseline for your health and tracks it from year to year.

What Do You Mean By "Preventative Medical Screening”?

A medical eye exam does more than check your prescription. Much of the body’s overall health can be measured via the eyes. For instance, your eyes provide your body’s only window for examining blood vessels in action, which allow us to see signs of conditions such as multiple sclerosis, tumors, hypertension, diabetes and UV damage. As with your primary care physician and your dentist, your optometrist can monitor changes in your health and catch potential issues early. If we see something that appears problematic, we will let you know and recommend talking about the issue with your physician.

Why Do You Take Patient's Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is one of the most serious—and treatable—medical conditions in our society, so the blood pressure check is part of our preventive medical screening. It is a leading cause of blindness, which we can easily help you avoid with early detection and prevention. We can work closely with your physician and recommend lifestyle changes to help improve your cardiovascular health and long-term eye health.

Why Should I Have My Eyes Photographed?

Digital retinal photography is a marvelous tool that provides a high-resolution image of the inside of your eye. While our optometrists look inside your eyes during the eye exam and make notes of any issues we see, a photograph provides a digital record and establishes a baseline. At next year’s appointment, we can compare what we see with last year’s photograph and note any significant changes. Retinal photography is one more tool that helps us to track your health from year to year.

How Soon Can I Make An Appointment

We can usually schedule an appointment within a week of your contacting us. We do offer same day appointments and of course, see emergencies immediately as well. We are an ideally sized practice, with enough optometrists to get patients in quickly—but we are small enough that we remain personable and can give you the individual attention you deserve.

When Should Children Have Their First Eye Visit?

We run a family-friendly practice and love seeing children! We recommend that children have an annual eye exam starting at 5 years of age. We often see children as young as 3 and work with pediatricians and pediatric eye-care specialists to make sure that their needs are met.

Do You Perform Lasik or Other Surgeries?

We are not surgeons but do take care of all of eye care needs that through co-management with the best surgeons and specialists in our community. We perform pre- and post-operative care for LASIK, cataracts and other ocular surgeries in house. If you are interested in LASIK or are concerned that you may be developing cataracts or other eye problems, please contact us today to set up an appointment.

Do You Accept My Insurance?

Allow our experts to cure your insurance anxiety! We know it can get very confusing and we manage vision and medical billing plans all day long, every day. We accept most major insurances—both vision and medical. So don’t let insurance barriers stand in the way of your eye exam.

Where Are You Located?

Our Courthouse Road office is located at 601 North Courthouse Road, near the intersection of Southlake Boulevard, in Chesterfield, Virginia. Our Anderson Highway office is located at 1660 Anderson Highway in Powhatan, Virginia.

What Types of Frames & Lenses Do You Offer?

The short answer is only the highest quality frames, lenses and contacts—which is what you deserve! To elaborate, our frames are all fully warranted and not ever discontinued or outdated. Our eyeglass lenses and lens coatings such as our non-glare, transition and polarized options are amazing. We offer value but do not compromise quality. In particular, the lenses that go into your glasses are what really make you see your best. They only work if they are selected, fabricated and adjusted correctly by experts and are of high quality to begin with. There are many good progressive lens options out there, for example, and there IS a difference from the older technology. You will see better with the latest digital lenses, much like the high definition channels that we now enjoy versus the standard channels on our televisions. There is a difference and our experts will make sure that you are extremely satisfied with your selection and investment in seeing your best.

Why Do I Need A Custom Glasses Fitting?

Glasses and contacts are all about the fit. In fact, the #1 complaint from patients regarding big box retailers and online sites is that the glasses don’t fit right—or quickly get bent out of shape. Furthermore, ill-fitting glasses make it seem as though the lenses are the incorrect prescription. A well-adjusted pair of glasses is crucial for clear sight.

Do I Need a Custom Contact Lens Fitting?

Yes! Just as ill-fitting frames are uncomfortable and affect your vision, an ill-fitting pair of contacts can make you miserable. In addition to the right prescription, you must have the right diameter and curve for your lenses or they will not fit properly. Also, contacts vary by brand and style, so one type may give you dry eyes or feel like you have something stuck in your eye, whereas another brand may be completely unnoticeable. We are here to make sure you get the right, most comfortable fit.

Can You Adjust My Glasses In-between Appointments?

Yes! If your frames are bent, crooked or just don’t seem to fit quite right, feel free to stop by between your annual appointments, and we will make the adjustments free of charge.

What If My Glasses Break?

Many glasses come with a one-year warranty against normal wear and tear, so you may be eligible for a replacement pair at no cost. If you break your glasses, please contact us immediately so that we can get you taken care of.


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